Arma 2 demo expected soon!

***** Update *****

Maruk informed the community on the BI forums about the current status of the much anticipated ArmA2 demo.

Quote Maruk :
I am pleased to confirm that we are planing to launch the ARMA II Demo soon (however, it may not be this week as was previously expected).
The demo will feature a lot of content for singleplayer, multiplayer and also mission editing and will be 2+ GB large due to amount of content we decided to include.

More information on the exact release plan and demo content will follow in coming days.


On the BI forums, ohara stated that the Arma 2 demo is expected to come out sometime next week. Most likely Monday or Tuesday.

Quote ohara:
Demo will be released next week, I expect monday or tuesday. We are now testing it, as we cut a lot of data and landscape it's quite difficult to not forget anything. Size will be around 2 GB.

Thanks, ohara, for this wonderful information. If you want to, you can discuss this on our forums.

Thanks also to Blackheart_Six for the heads up in our forums.

Written on 2009-06-19 16:06 by Stimpak_Addict  

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