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* ArmA2 - RH heli sounds wip

    RobertHammer released a new video on the BI forums of the UH1Y sound test.

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Tracked Vehicles Audio mod

    TangoRomeo informed the community on the BI forums he is working on a soundmod for the vehicles in ArmA2.

    Quote TangoRomeo :
    A sound replacement I´m working on. If all goes according to plan this is going to have several standalone modules for tracked and wheeled vehicles, aircraft and watercraft.

    Still needs some fine-tuning, but getting there.

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Switzerland Mod for Arma2

    HDlaeppli informed the community on the BI forums the Switzerland Mod will move to ArmA2.

    Quote HDlaeppli :
    The Work`s continue... Switzerland Mod goes Arma2.
    I've started to convert the Switzerland mod for Arma2.
    Here first Ingame Screens of a swiss paratrooper and the SuperPuma332.

    Webmaster Redfish has been working on a new design for our site and Forum and you can view the all new site here:


    - BI forums

* 31st Normandy mod

    JarmenKeLL released screenshots showing some ships on BI forums.
    8582-hmsonslow.jpg 8582-hmsonslow2.jpg 8582-bismarck123x.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - 31st Normandy mod in ArmA 2

    T_Roc released screenshots of the 31st Normandy mod in the ArmA2 on BI forums.
    Quote T_Roc:
    I think everything will be released for Arma1.
    A release for Arma2 shoulden't be a big problem i think most, things are working direct.
    But it needs some adjustments in config for the new sound system.
    I have all my stuff already there.

    8582-bat.jpg 8582-bat1.jpg 8582-bat2.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - FDFmod moving over

    NoRSu released screenshot of the Finnish NH-90 helicopter on BI forums.
    Quote NoRSu:
    I'm pleased to announce that FDFmod will continue on in ArmA 2.
    At the moment it's too early to say how we will proceed and what is our schedule but here's a little something for starters:


    - BI forums

* The Lost Brothers mod

    Miles Teg released screenshots showing the Merkava Mk3 and Mk3 BAZ (uparmored) Main Battle Tanks.
    Quote Miles Teg:
    Merkava Mk3 and Mk3 BAZ (uparmored) Main Battle Tanks.
    We have been steadily updating them so that now they have a working loader's MG (along with a working commander's MG). They now also can fire the Lahat ATGM, can carry 4 passengers in the cargo area, and have had several other bugs fixed. So they are about done finally. We had a major setback losing a bunch of work on the IDF infantry and weapons accidentally, but we recovered most of it. Still some work has to be redone again. Jewish Freak is on top of that. Meanwhile, me and Namman2 will get the rest of the Egyptian and Syrian stuff up to snuff. Our plan is to release one more pack for ArmA as it will be a few months before we all have ArmA2. No big deal as by that time the addon making community I think will have figured out alot of the new features in ArmA2. Hopefully also, by that time some new tools will be released. So our main task is just to rap up Addon Pack #4. I think that it will be worth the wait.


    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - BW mod moving to ArmA2

    Bundeswehr mod informed on their website that the Bundeswehr mod will move to ArmA2.
    Also they released screenshots of the German soldiers and of the TPZ "Fuchs".

    Quote Bundeswehr mod:
    But not only on the homepage a lot has changed, including the work on our addons continues.
    Although ArmA 2 Our expectations are not met (greeting to the quality assurance and beta testers for Morphicon / Peter Games!), But we see great potential in the product. So we decided to re-establish more addons.

    The start metal chris' new soldiers to it in the following pictures you can examine.
    Also frankyman's TPZ Fuchs 1A6 was meanwhile by Snorri and textured metal chris imported two small insight into the result:

    8582-bw25.jpg 8582-bw26.jpg 8582-bw27.jpg
    8582-bw28.jpg 8582-bw29.jpg 8582-bw30.jpg

    - BWM website

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