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Version: 1.0

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Date: 2006-12-31 04:25

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The requirement to view it is that it must use Internet Explorer or FireFox's "Switch Rendering Engine" IE option.


This file contains a html document with pictures (thats why its 39MB) which you can use to view and select any buildings or static objects (default ones released with the game) to place in your missions.

To get custom placed default buildings/objects in your mission open the editor, put a player on the map, than add an object to the map (name it objectx) and save your mission.
Now "Alt-Tab" out of the game (if you arent running Arma windowed) and open your mission file which can be found in
X:\Documents and Settings\Username\My documents\ArmA\missions
Search the mission file for your placed object (objectx) and look for the following line :
Change the xxxxxx into the class name of the building/object you would like to add to your mission.

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