WIP report - NAVY SeaHawks/KnightHawks
Work in progress
soldier2390 released some new screenshots of his U-60 series NAVY SeaHawks/KnightHawks pack on our forums.

Quote soldier2390 :
I have some great news, with very many thanks too wld427, for putting up with my annoying ass glad to say i now can basicly re-route paths...meaning i was able to get my textures to load on my models! wld, also made the start of the seahwak pack, ie...he got the config and all that for one of the now all i have to do is get the rest of my models to load in that pack too!

after that will be the ALPHA i have been stressing this pack will not have nothing done to it, rescue hoist, FLIR, proper side door and windows(only for older sh-60b models), no proper "working" rear landing gear(only for older sh-60b models), and nothing i had promised! but like i have been saying this is just a "proof of concept" pack, after this ill start implamenting the all the actions or scripts into this! also later on..i will be making even better textures(once i learn more on photoshop), with a lighter more cleaner look on all ch/mh-60 models as they are actually newer naval helos..thats going to be replacing all naval ch-46 seaknights and older sh-60b models! where as the older sh-60's models will have a darker..dirty/faded look..from years around sea water! hope everyone enjoys this all...hopefuly ill be back soon with more news.

4-navy_seahawks_kinghthawks_1.png 4-navy_seahawks_kinghthawks_2.png 4-navy_seahawks_kinghthawks_3.png

You can find more screenshots and post your feedback in the NAVY SeaHawks/KnightHawks wip topic.

Written on 2009-06-15 08:02 by soldier2390  

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