ArmA Movie The Crate II

Legislator has sent us the long awaited Armed Assault movie "The Crate II".
The movie is in .avi format and over 2 GB big and plays more than 2 hours.

Quote Legislator :
"Greetings, my fellow ArmA players/modders/developers!

in May 2008 I decided to create a movie that has never been shown before in this size. It took me 12 months to complete the whole project - 2 hours of material, 18 chapters + intro + outro + deleted scenes. I had to learn everything from scratch - from using animations in cutscenes up to camscripting in general. You will notice the first scenes won't look as good as the last ones. At first I had to be the camera but I got deeper into camscripting.

There are some movie mistakes. Some of them made because of game or computer crashes. Earlier settings weren't safed and I didn't notice it. Please consider that I don't speak russian. Some scenes won't make any sense for people who speak this language. The biggest mistake was to use VTOL for a F-22A. Well, I hope it doesn't matter.

As you can see in the deleted scenes, many actors and even more camera mans died. If you look at the destroyed US property, it was a very expensive project too.

But now you should enjoy this movie. Grab a beer and sit down, watch the movie and spread the spirit of the Bohemia Saga.

Best wishes to everyone,

Its obvious such a file will cause heavy traffic so we have uploaded the movie to a filehoster, splitted up in three parts.
You will have to download all 3 parts, put them in the same folder and than extract the file by opening the file called "the_crate_2_the_sahrani_apocalypse.7z.001" using 7zip.

4-bild17uy0.jpg 4-bild1ws7.jpg 4-bild20om7.jpg 4-bild4ph6.jpg 4-bild6ze0.jpg 4-pdvd001hl3.jpg

Written on 2009-06-17 06:11 by Legislator  

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