DominationA2! missions for ArmA2 updated

Xeno has released a new version of his Domination! Mission Pack in the website.

Changes since last version:
    - Fixed, wrong setup files (west) in some of the ACE East versions
    - Added, Domination Tactical Guide included in download file, made by [KH]DaOarge (Edit: No, my missions are not that hard to edit )
    - Fixed, small typo in WreckMarker.fsm
    - Fixed, ranked captain launchers corrected
    - Changed, very restrictive weapon check in the ranked versions. You are not able to pick up any other weapon than your current rank allows
    - Fixed, zero divisor error in revive
    - Added, two Littlebirds for each team in the ACE TT version
    - Added, additional vehicles at base in the ACE TT version
    - Changed, removed MLRS/Grad from main target bonus vehicles in the TT version
    - Fixed, vec hud error message when using the ACE spotting scope
    - Changed, points in TT version

Written on 2010-06-10 06:11 by Big  

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