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Requirements: A.C.E. - Advanced Combat Environment, A.C.E Island Pack, Avgani Iraq & Afghan Village, LowFly EditorUpdate
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Version: 1.5

Date: 2009-06-27 04:42

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Afghan Village Raid

Despite our best efforts, attacks by anti-coalition forces (ACF) are increasing in both frequency and sophistication. Headquarters recently received credible information confirming our suspicions that military advisors from a neighboring state are providing support to the ACF. Intel has identified a probable location for one of the advisory teams.

Today's mission consists of the following objectives:
- Eliminate all enemy patrols in the area just west of the insertion zone.
- Destroy the fuel station.
- Capture at least one member of enemy command team.
- Proceed to the extraction zone.
- (OPTIONAL) Eliminate all enemy forces around the compound to the northwest.

The assault will consist of two special forces teams with limited air support. Also, vehicles have been pre-positioned at the insertion zone.

Place the pbo file in your ArmA\MPMissions folder.

Change log:
* corrected BLUFOR group names (to address BLUFOR respawn issue)
* tweaked the number of OPFOR AI (to reduce lag)
* Moved 2-Story Command Post building
* corrected logic for mission end trigger (air support planes may not fire extraction trigger code)

Credits & Thanks:
Special thanks to the the fine folks of the 25th ID Realism squad for their assistance with testing and their helpful feedback.

Special thanks to CrazyAce for in-depth testing and reviewing of the 1.3 release. As with the last release, I would appreciate additional feedback. I will be checking this site regularly to reply to feedback and address any questions or concerns. Thank you!

- A.C.E. - Advanced Combat Environment
- A.C.E Island Pack
- Avgani Iraq & Afghan Village
- LowFly EditorUpdate

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