week report #85
Work in progress

* Spearhead mod

    Col. Faulkner released screenshots showing showing a NBC IPE.
    Quote Col. Faulkner:
    As well as ordinary combat dress there are men wearing the early 1980s
    NBC IPE. A truly loathsome experience, even in Germany with the worst
    thing you're facing a canister of CS gas in training.

    As is obvious I'm really struggling with the texturing.

    2661-nbc1.jpg 2661-nbc2.jpg 2661-nbc3.jpg

    - BI forums
    - ArmAholic forums

* ArmA2 - T800 Terminator

    Marccom released the firstr screenshots of his T800 Terminator in ArmA2.
    4-arma2_t800_1.jpg 4-arma2_t800_2.jpg

    - BI forums

* The Lost Brothers mod

* ArmA2 - British Rifle Soldiers

    STALKERGB released a few screenshots of his first unit addon for ArmA2 he is working on.
    Quote STALKERGB :
    Ok firstly I AM still modding for ARMA and will focus on that first, this was more a test to see if i could get my Brits into ARMA 2.

    4-arma2brit2.jpg 4-arma2brit3.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Vitaz Izmash

    Daman1 released screenshots on BI forums showing the Vitaz Izmash Submachinegun.
    8582-vitaz1.jpg 8582-vitaz2.jpg

    - BI forums

* Army Of the Czecho-Slovak Republic

* ArmA2 - RH heli sounds

    RobertHammer has again released some new videos of his new soundmod on the BI forums.

    - BI forums

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