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Version: 1.0

Date: 2007-01-01 20:19

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Here's a quick little single-player airfield seizure mission for playtesting. 128 BLUFOR + 2 Supercobra's Vs. 100 OPFOR in emplaced machine guns, vehicles, and armor.


- The object is realism in mission design. I can only play so many "You and your 4 man recon team take on an armored division" or "you are a sniper deep behind enemy lines" missions before I feel like I'm watching Commando. Airfield seizures are the bread and butter missions of the 82nd Airborne Division and (to a lesser extent) the Ranger regiments.

- Airfield seizures happen fast (thus the mission brevity). When seizing a small airfield such as the one on Sahrani they happen faster. It is usually only a matter of minutes before the Airborne force has effective control of the field.

- In real life the air assets (usually A-10's, Apache's, and Kiowa's) prep the airfield just prior to the drop --not during. I made it simultaneous for both atmospheric reasons and for "plot" ones. The Cobra's add an immersive element of combined arms warfare, they also serve to explain why Sahrani troops aren't pouring out of the garrison.

- The player is not essential to the mission. 7 times out of 10 the BLUFOR AI will complete the mission without you. You will sustain much higher casualty rates if you do not fight effectively and use teamwork. I did it this way becasue I get bored with missions designed to inflict 80%/90% casualties. In real life 30% casualties would be horrendous losses. If you play the mission well you will absorb 30% casualties in your squad. The AI only squads' casualty rate will be higher. Also too many SP missions place all of the burden on the player so that he becomes the "more equal pig" of the team. I wanted the player to make a significant contribution but not be essential to the success of the mission.

- Obviously the parachute handling in ArmA is screwy. Nothing I can do about that. I could have used the C-17 from OFP but it was frankly pretty dated even in OFP and wasn't worth the headache so the mission starts just after aircraft exit.

Hints & Tips:
- Engage from the far side of the runway and the grass won't block your view.

- Move at the speed of your team. (This may be frustrating, but trust me, real Airborne ops are all about linking up in little groups and staying together until everyone is accounted for).

- Exercise muzzle and fire disicipline. There are 120+ friendly units on a flat open surface with little cover. Lateral firing will often bring a "Cease Fire!". Engage targets in your sector and watch for people running in front of your gun.

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