WIP report - Invasion 1944 - The road ahead
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The Invasion 1944 has pointed us to an update on their website, describing the future of their mod.

Quote :
First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone that has expressed an interest in our mod, and has helped with, or responded to, the release in any way, including providing mirrors, posting feedback and reporting bugs.

Secondly, we'd like to inform the community about the road ahead a bit.

We plan to wrap up the work on the ArmA1 D-Day project after the release of the patch (1-3 weeks) we have planned. The patch will mainly contain bugfixes, and most importantly, will hopefully improve performance for most people. No new content will be added other than that which was planned already (new Sherman variants including the Firefly, and the M5A1 Stuart), with the exception of support trucks for the Americans to increase the multiplayer possibilities (German ones won't be added until ArmA2). After this we hope to move on to ArmA2.

For ArmA2, we do plan to port over the current ArmA1 content, and extend the map further into Normandy, but the D-Day project will not be expanded into Normandy in terms of extra content being added. Some missions, or even a campaign might be made, but other than that, the Normandy era is over.

We are planning a new project which will mainly be focused on MP as opposed to the SP focus we have had until now. The campaign will be designed for multiplayer Coop (but also playable in single player) with a dynamic storyline (i.e. secondary objectives), which will be at least partially fictionalized to suit gameplay requirements.

To create this campaign, we're looking for talented mission makers that are willing to dedicate themselves to the development of what we hope will be a unique taste of WW2. If you're interested, please register on our forums, and apply!

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You can find more information on the Invasion 1944 website.

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