Animation Viewer by Clayman updated to v1.2
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Clayman released an updated version of the Animation Viewer for ArmA2 on the BI forums.

Quote Clayman :
While working on an intro for a mission today, I pretty soon got annoyed by switching between mission and AnimViewer, searching for a animation, Copy, Alt-Tab, save animation to notepad, return to game, search next animation..... and so on... some of you might know this procedure.
So now I present: The best ArmAII Animation Viewer of all times!

    * The Viewer can now be added to any mission and used from there.
    * You can save as many animations to a second listbox, and then copy all of them to clipboard.
    * Animal animations now included.
Oh, and the listboxes now can finally be used in their full size.
See included Readme for details how to use.

Written on 2010-04-08 22:15 by Clayman  

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