Warfare Mission Pack by Weedburner

Weedburner has released a mission pack containing 3 new Warfare missions in our forums.

Quote Weedburner :
I made 3 new Maps using the Warfare Module.
    1. 3-Factions (East-West-Guerrila) Warfare on Chernarussia,15 players each faction
    2. 2-Faction (USA-Russia) Warfare on Chernarussia,20 Players each Side
    3. 2-Faction (USA-Russia) Warfare on Utes,10 Players each Side
I added more stuff as buy Option,new Static Weapons like the Mortar or Spg9,more Vehicles and more Weapons in buy Menus too,to balance the Guerrilas a bit more,but there still Weaker than East or West in the 3-Faction Game.Guerrila gets more Start Money for Balance too.Full First Aid Useable (like Drag or carry other players),Zivilians,Weather and more Modules added.

Written on 2009-06-25 17:22 by Big  

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