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Requirements: Community Base Addons

Version: 3.51
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This reworked Missilebox adds the many different aerial weapons.

Date: 2011-09-17 08:39

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GLT Missilebox


The Missilebox includes several weapon systems used by several addons. Those i know of:
  • F-16
  • F-22 (by nes4day)
  • JAS-39
  • Su-24
  • Su-34 Desert Camo
  • Tu-22M3 (by [APS]Gnat)
  • F/A-18 (by Meatball0311, not yet released)
Besides the weapon systems, the Missilebox also replaces the models of the default BIS weapons. Please note that with version 3.4 only models are changed, weapons performance remains untouched.
The Missilebox also include several new versions of defualt BIS planes with altered weapon loadouts:
  • Su-39 Laser - laserguided Ch-29
  • Su-39 JDAM - GPS/INS guided KAB-500SE
  • Su-34 Laser - laserguided Ch-29
  • Su-34 JDAM - GPS/INS guided KAB-500SE
  • AV-8B JDAM - GPS/INS guided GBU-53
  • A-10 JDAM - GPS/INS guided GBU-53
The Missilebox also includes the GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Air Blast as GPS/INS guided weapon.
And finally, the Missilebox equips the C-130 with laserscanner and GPS/INS systems required for the GBU-43/B.

As we always recommend use modfolders to separate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.
For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:

Credits & Thanks:
IrishDeviant for: AGM-88, KAB-250L, KAB-500L and KAB-1500L. Outstanding work, mate.
RKSL-Rock for: AGM-84, parts of the GBU-12 (guidance) aswell for offering his UK Missilepack.
wld427 for: FAB-500 MLOD (created by godhammer), inspiration for the AGM-154 and the Kh-15.
NodUnit for: reference pictures of the AGM-114 texture.
[APS]Gnat for adjusted config values of a bunch of russian weapons.
[GLT]Turrican for a lot of help with the GPS/INS dialog.
NeoArmageddon for his cluster script.
Irishdeviant, thanks for those outstanding models. I tried to reach your standard with my own models but surely failed.
RKSL-Rock, thanks for your contributions and help.
wld427, also thanks to you for sharing some MLOD's although i didn't used all.
Also would say thanks to southy as he sent also a whole bunch of MLOD's. Most i already had and some will probably follow in a additional pack later.
NodUnit & Keshman, thanks for your help on some textures.
Xeno426 for various contributions regarding Plane cannons. Only partially included, some more will find their way into the real airweapons addon sooner or later.

If i forgot someone, please let me know and i'll fix this. Over the time i had so many contacts, often hardly to remember who helped me on what. If you feel left out, let me know.

- [fixed] Ammo inherited from GLT_BombBase wasn't visible on planes.

- [fixed] GBU-24 couldn't hit anything (missing Geometry LOD)
- [changed] GBU-53 renamed to GBU-31 (classnames remain untouched, only displayname changed)
- [improved] several Mk-84 based guided bombs were weaker than the Mk-84 itself
- [added] LAU2 Dualrail model and magazines: GLT_2Rnd_DUALRAIL, GLT_4Rnd_DUALRAIL and GLT_6Rnd_DUALRAIL
- [added] several magazines to the M61A1 cannon:
"480Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-22)
"510Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-15)
"500Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-16, has in fact 511 rounds but classname remained the same for compatibility)
"578Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F/A-18C/D/E/F)
"640Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-4E)
"650Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-106)
"675Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-14)
"725Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-104)
"940Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-15C)
"1028Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (F-105)
"1030Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (A-7D/E)
"1100Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (M163)
"1550Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", (Phalanx CIWS)
"2050Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT" (F-111)
suggestion made and round counts contributed by Xeno426
- [added] v2 signatures

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