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Version: 1.7

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Date: 2009-09-12 08:20

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Simple Vehicle Respawn

This script will respawn a vehicle when it is destroyed or left empty in the battlefield.
It will be respawned to the position where it first stood when the mission started.
Works with any vehicle.

Just put this in the vehicles init line:
veh = [this] execVM "vehicle.sqf"

There are some optional settings. The format for these are:
veh = [this, Delay, Deserted timer, Respawns, Effect, Static, "INIT"] execVM "vehicle.sqf"
Default settings are:
30 seconds respawn delay after destruction
120 seconds respawn delay after deserting a vehicle (leaving it empty after driving it).
Unlimited respawns
No special effect when respawning
Static respawn.

Respawn Delay:
Default respawn delay is 30 seconds, to set a custom respawn delay time, put that in the init as well.
This one will respawn in 15 seconds:
veh = [this, 15] execVM "vehicle.sqf"

Deserted Vehicle Respawn:
Default respawn time when vehicle is deserted, but not destroyed is 120 seconds.
To set a custom timer for this first put the respawn delay, then the deserted vehicle timer.
The value 0 will disable the timer and the vehicle will not respawn when deserted.
This one will respawn in 15 seconds if destroy, and in 50 seconds if left empty in the field.
veh = [this, 15, 50] execVM "vehicle.sqf"

Respawn limit:
By default the number of respawns is unlimited. To set a limit, first set the other values
then the number of respawns you want (0 = infinite).
veh = [this, 15, 10, 5] execVM "vehicle.sqf"

Set this value to TRUE to add a special explosion effect to the wreck when respawning.
Default value is FALSE, which will simply have the wreck disappear.
veh = [this, 15, 10, 5, TRUE] execVM "vehicle.sqf"

Dynamic Respawn:
By default the vehicle will respawn to the point where it first was when the mission started (static).
This can be changed to dynamic, Then the vehicle will respawn to the position where it was destroyed.
First set the respawn delay and the deserted timer then put 1 for dynamic. Don't put anything at all
for default static.

This one will respawn in 15 seconds if destroyed, 50 seconds if deserted.
It will spawn to the latest position of the vehicle:
veh = [this, 15, 10, 1] execVM "vehicle.sqf"

INIT field:
If you you want to set the INIT field of the respawned vehicle, first set all other
values, then set INIT commands. Those must be inside quotations.
Like this:
veh = [this, 15, 10, 5, TRUE, FALSE, "this setDammage 0.5"] execVM "vehicle.sqf"

Change log:
* Added function to disable deserted vehicle respawn.

* Fixed serious bug introduced in v1.5, where respawn timer was disabled.
* The script will no longer try reset name of vehicles originally unnamed.
* Added check if deserted vehicle is destroyed.

* Option to set the INIT of the respawned vehicle.
* Vehicle now respawns with original name.

Future plans:
The dynamic setting is experimental. Works fine on land, but might cause trouble if a vehicle
crashes into water. This will be fixed in a future version.

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