WIP report - CH-47 with rampgun and airpack
Work in progress
wld427 released screenshots on our forums showing the CH-47 with rampgun.
He also informed the pack includes more versions of the Harrier and an A-10.

Quote wld427:
Ive been poking around with this for a while outside of project RACS.
I made it for the guys on the XS Arma Server clan. Its alot of fun and the AI fly it like a dream. The Skin is just a plain olive drab so it fits well with almost any scenarios. I still need to adjust the proxy for the rear gunner so he sits just right. The chopper is equipped with 2 M240 window guns and an M134 on the ramp.

Also included in the pack will be several versions of the Harrier with different loadouts and an A-10. Thanks to RockofSL for the flight adjustment demo as i used it for my base.

I hope to release this in the next few days if there is any interest.

8582-untitled-1copy-9.jpg 8582-untitled-2copy-3.jpg 8582-untitled-3copy-3.jpg

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Written on 2009-06-27 07:27 by wld427  

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