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Requirements: Community Base addons

Version: 1.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey available

Short description: It gives your and the enemies AI a voice beyond the stale radio messages

Date: 2012-03-11 22:34

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Dynamic Sound AI (RUG DSAI)
Wolfrug and Sickboy

It gives your and the enemies AI a voice beyond the stale radio messages

* Ready made scripts for Dynamic Sound AI that is easily modifiable by the end-user.
* Your AI will shout curses at the enemy, tell you when they're reloading, throwing a grenade, engaging, when they're hurt, fleeing or when they've scored a big kill! And much more.
* Works in both SP, client-side MP and server-side MP
* Features English, Arab, Russian and Spanish voices by default
* Can assign voices to all sides (BLUFOR, OPFOR, Independent, Civilian, SideEnemy)
* Easily activated/deactived by mission makers, addon makers or server admins as required, using global variables and config entries (see below for more information)
* Auto-initialization using CBA (fully CBA compatible)

* Place the .pbos that come with the package (RUG_DSAI.pbo, RUG_DSAIArab.pbo, RUG_DSAIENG.pbo, RUG_DSAIGen.pbo, RUG_DSAIRUS.pbo, RUG_DSAISPA.pbo) into a mod folder (for instance @RUG_DSAI/Addons) or into your main addons folder (not recommended!). This is enough to make the addon work by default.
* Advanced: By default, BLUFOR will have English voices, Independent will have Arab voices, and OPFOR will have Spanish or Russian voices. If you want OPFOR to have Russian voices, simply remove RUG_DSAISPA.pbo from your addon folder (create a secondary folder for instance and put them there in the meantime). If you don't want the Independent Arab voices, remove the appropriate file (RUG_DSAIArab.pbo) and the scripts will assign another language to them (if available). Note that aside from scripting, two sides will not have the same language.
* Default sides for the packs:

RUG_DSAIENG (English) : BLUFOR/Independent
RUG_DSAIArab (Arab) : Independent/OPFOR
RUG_DSAISPA (Spanish) : OPFOR/Independent
RUG_DSAIGER (German) : OPFOR/Independent

* NB: Only RUG_DSAI.pbo and RUG_DSAIGen.pbo are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the mod, but if you have none of the language modules installed you won't get any sounds! When switching languages, always keep these two loaded. RUG_DSAIGen contains the "generic" non-language specific sounds, such as coughing and sneezing.

1. It runs in SP Mode, if:
2. Playing SP
3. Playing MP as a Client
4. Playing MP as a ServerClient

It runs in MP Synchronized mode, if:

1. Dedicated Server and Clients are both running DSAI

This way, server owners that wish to require DSAI when playing on their servers, and have it in a synchronised way, they can install it on their server and voila.

Included .pbo files:

This is a signed addon, serveradmins can download the server key from OFPEC.

Look at the BI Wiki for advanced instructions on installation, MP-usage, mission-maker/server admin options, and creating/editing the language packs.

Credits & Thanks:
As always, credits to Sickboy & 6th Sense for originally revamping the old ArmA scripts, and thanks to Thunderbird for tiding you over while I got my butt in gear.

- Added fix for Reload bug
- Added quickfix for Arab voices bug

v1.0 for Arma 2
- First public release of Arma 2-compatible version

v1.0 RC
- First public release of new version

- Full optimization overhaul by Sickboy

- Initial Version

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Community Base addons

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