Coop mission : Operation WildGeese by Lightninguk

Lightninguk has released a new coop mission in our forums.

Quote Lightninguk :
A British mercenary unit , is hired by merchant banker know as Rothschilds, to go into Chernarus,who is working on behaif of Five European countries to build a pipeline to bring oil from the Black Sea to central European markets by 2012, in a move aimed at reducing the EU's energy dependence.

The agreement to link the Sea port of Chernogorsk (Chernarus) and the oil hub of Trieste (Italy) was signed in Zagreb by ministers from Italy, United Kingdon, France, Serbia and Germany and Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs.

The pipeline is expected to be completed in 2012 and has an estimated cost of up to €2.6 billion, according to financial experts.

The 1,300km 'Pan-European Oil Pipeline' links the Black Sea directly into the continental EU pipeline system, unlike other competing projects that avoid the Bosphorus straits. It is expected that it will be able to supply up to 100 millon tonnes of oil annually from the Caspian oilfields to Western Europe, and this Mercenary Unit must do what ever it takes to get the job done.

Written on 2009-06-28 10:58 by Big  

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