CTF Mission Pack by Shadow.D

Shadow.D. ^BOB^ has released a CTF mission pack on the BI forums.

Quote Shadow.D. ^BOB^ :
Hi everyone, I thought I'd post these up here for anyone looking for some more CTF maps. I have tried to use the terrain when creating these, rather than just placing alot of objects around an area. I like to keep the maps simple, but still fun.

    - Black Lake - Set around a small woodland lake, lots of natural cover and folds in the land.
    - Coastline - Between two villages on the south coast, there are opportunities for flanking manouvers and section tactics.

    - Forrest Cross - A nighttime fight in a dense woodland area, alot of cover and perfect for those who like to sneak around.

Anyway, enjoy and please post any feedback for improvements.

Written on 2009-06-29 18:24 by Shadow.D.^BOB^  

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