MP Gamemode: Trapped in a corner TDM by Dead Kennedy

Dead Kennedy has released a public beta version of a new TDM mission in the BI forums.

Quote Dead Kennedy :
During the mission deep in Chernarus, USMC have eliminated dangerous NAPA leader - Irji Kuskyavichus. His brother - Jovan Kuskyavichus, driven by revenge, have folowed and intercepted USMCs on they way to LZ. Sustaining losses, USMCs was forced to secure an old farm near Dubrovka for defending themselfs. NAPA fighters have surraunded old farm and blocked all ways to retreat.

Blue team objective - Stay in life until helicopter arrives. Blue's commander can call for mortar fire support or flare support. Also, he can choose the placement for LZ, but dont forget - this place is extremely hot, slick will not wait you forever!!! Also, Blue team can not leave the blue area before a helicopter arive.

Green team objective - Eliminate blue team, do not give them any chance to escape!!!

Blue team - 5 players, Green team - 7 players

Written on 2009-07-04 04:19 by Dead Kennedy  

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