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* ArmA2 - Operation Halfmoon2

    fromz posted on the BI forums there will be a public release of the Operation Halfmoon PLA units MOD for ArmA2 this time.
    4-oh2_2.jpg 4-oh2_3.jpg 4-oh2_5.jpg 4-oh2_7.jpg 4-oh2_8.jpg 4-oh2_10.jpg 4-oh2_11.jpg

    - BI forums

* The Lost Brothers Mod

    namman2 has released two screenshots on BI forums showing the mods Puma and Merkava MK2.
    2661-mk2.jpg 2661-puma.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - M60 machinegun

    gms released screenshot on BI forums showing the M60 machinegun.

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Building pack

    mikebart released screenshots showing some buildings.
    Quote mikebart:
    Some modular building set's, kind of old but I just picked them up again, basically the idea is that you'll be able to knock out parts of the building in sections, I'll still need to make some damage and destroyed states. Who knows, maybe with some help we could get tanks driving through em

    8582-buildingtest3.jpg 8582-buildingtest7.jpg 8582-buildingtest8.jpg 8582-buildingtest9.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - FDF mod

    Norsu released screenshot on BI forums showing the F-18C Hornet

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - Maule M7

    Rocket has moved his Maule M7 project to ArmA 2.
    Quote Rocket:
    Moved the Maule project on to ArmA2. Have got all previous components working, along with a number that weren't in the public release of the maule for ArmA (such as revised flight model, startup exhaust smoke and engine noise, dangerous blades etc...)

    Just finishing it off prior to release, but here's some screenies of the fun times that can be had with the new ArmA2 shaders:

    2661-usec__arma2_m7_1.jpg 2661-usec__arma2_m7_2.jpg 2661-usec__arma2_m7_3.jpg 2661-usec__arma2_m7_4.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - PedagneMOD

    Arremba San Zorzo released some screenshots on the BI forums showing the Heavy Blindo Centauro B1 of the Italian Army.
    4-pedagnemod_16.jpg 4-pedagnemod_17.jpg 4-pedagnemod_18.jpg 4-pedagnemod_19.jpg 4-pedagnemod_20.jpg 4-pedagnemod_21.jpg

    - BI forums

* CSLA Studio

    EMSI informed the community on the BI forums the CSLA Studios are working on three variants of Mi-24 Hind
    and two variants of powerful MiG-29A Fulcrum.

    Quote :
    We are still working on versions for both games
    Our planned future releases:
      Version 1.03 - for ARMA1:
        - new features, CFG tweaks, new vehicles (Hinds, Migs), updated WF\Evo\Domination, new SP missions
        - will be released in july
      Version 1.04 - for ARMA1:
        - new features + new vehicles + MP/SP missions
        - will be released in august/september
      Version 1.05 - for ARMA1/ 2.05 for ARMA2
        - will be last version for ARMA1 and first for ARMA2
        - new features + new vehicles + MP/SP missions (+ maybe mini campaign)
        - will be released sometime in october/november 2009.
    4-csla_v103_030709_01.jpg 4-csla_v103_030709_02.jpg 4-csla_v103_030709_03.jpg 4-csla_v103_030709_05.jpg 4-csla_v103_030709_08.jpg 4-csla_v103_030709_09.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - RTS - Farm Wars

    TiGGa released some new information about his new RTS mod for ArmA2 called "Farm Wars" on the BI forum.
    Quote TiGGa :
    This is the technical sequel to the *cough* award-winning */cough* RTS mod "Wine Wars" for ArmA 1.
    As a young entrepreneur of start-up cow meat factory (CDF), you are thrown into the cold water of the chernarussian cow meat market. There has been a monopoly on cow meat for years, established by a local company (guerrillas). It is time to break the iron grip and bestow the population with a free market! It won't be easy, as there will be weapons involved. The locals will defend their monopoly with hardened steel and the newspaper are already announcing a new competitor (INS).

    (Planned) Features:
      - Both sides will be only able to build crappy security guards and vehicles.
      - High tech import from oversea. You have to sign an import contract and choose a limited number of high tech unit types. Those will be available for import later. Your unit choice will determine your strategy!
      - Ability to breed cows in the cow shed at the base or on the pastures (faster growth and better meat quality but at a high risk)
      - A cow factory to meatgrind the cows.
      - A supermarket in the base to sell the meat at a constant low price. This is a safe income source.
      - Supermarkets in town with higher, volatile prices, depending on supply and demand. Selling a lot of meat at the same town will make the price per meat unit drop.
      - You can manually transport the cows and the meat or tell the AI to do that.
      - Stealing enemy cows (cow napping) possible
      - Only one base can be build, but you may have a rebuyable MHQ, which can be used as a mobile respawn.
      - Sophisticated commader interface.
      - Own units (in the player's group) can be selected and ordered by mouse, just like in a regular RTS game.
      - Camera in RTS mode will be bound around the HQ and the MHQ. After an expensive upgrade, you will be able to put the camera everywhere.
      - Victory conditions: Town win (thus establishing your own monopoly), money win (earn $x before your competitor does), destruction (destroy the enemy base)
    4-farmwars_fort.jpg 4-farmwars_hq4.jpg 4-farmwars_vehicles.jpg

    - BI forums

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