Coop mission : Operation Ezekiel 25:17 by The Itch

The Itch has submitted a new coop mission for ArmA2.

Quote The Itch :
Last night one of our recon helicopters in support of operation Epsom was shot down by anti air near Myshkino. Locals have confirmed that the recon helicopter crashed inside Pustoshka. Recon team Echo was operating in the nearby forest around the time of the crash, and assembled a CSAR mission to retrieve the pilots. All contact has since been lost with recon team Echo. The mission is divide into two parts, first take out the Anti Air near Myshkino, second find out what has happened to recon team Echo and destroy the remains of the crashed UH-1 in Pustoshka.

Written on 2009-07-05 21:51 by Big  

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