Coop mission : Operation Magpie by TurokGMT

TurokGMT has released his first ArmA2 coop mission in the BI forums.

Quote TurokGMT :
My first ARMA2 MP mission!

Information: Full mission briefing included in file.

Force Recon have been deployed to the southern shore of Chenarus to disrupt local supply lines and infrastructure prior to a main beachhead by the 32nd MEU. Time to do what force recon do best - cause havoc!

    - Full JIP support
    - Co-operative play for up to 10 players
    - Automatic HALO insertion
    - 2 Primary Mission Objectives, supported by several secondary objectives
    - scripted artillery support
    - scripted AI reinforcements
    - average mission completion time approx 1 hour

Written on 2009-07-08 13:01 by Big  

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