SP mission : Evil Last Will by Undeceived

Undeceived has released a new SP mission for ARmA in the BI forums.

Quote Undeceived :
Hi guys. Finally I finished my mission. It's a bit late but I hope that some of you still are playing ArmA and didn't switch to Arma 2 yet.

To Markus Berger, Sergeant First Class, Marksman, Spezielle-Kräfte-Kompanie (SKK):

You know that Sahrani, an island located in the pacific ocean, has been at war for one month and a half by now. The renegade Russian Major General Anatolj Mislajew already controles wide pieces of North-Sahrani.

Your task is to eliminate Colonel Valesh Wissarijan.
Colonel Wissarijan is accused to be responsible for numerous practices against the civil population, which reach from exploitation to murder.
He is also an important strategist of Major General A. Mislajew.

The overall situation is critical, Gentlemen. The civil population is getting exploited and is treated badly by the enemy forces.

Written on 2009-07-08 13:20 by Big  

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