SP mission : Sweep & Strike updated

UbiquitousUK has released an updated version of this mission for ArmA2 in the BI forums.

Changes in this version:
    - Fixed (I hope) problems with jet not arriving/arriving too early.
    - Made clearing of Zelenogorsk farm a separate task.
    - Made securing the Russian base a task.
    - Markers now change colour when task is complete.
    - Added ammo box near spawn so that players can take sniper rifle/machine gun/SMG/shotgun if they prefer.
    - Added a few extra objects and units in the spawn base.
    - Added title text on spawn.
    - Unlocked enemy vehicles (except the tanks--which are supposed to be in for repair) so that player can drive them.
    - Took out 'new task' messages for those tasks that are assigned at the mission's start.
    - Added a regroup task to round off the mission.

Written on 2009-07-12 19:23 by Big  

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