LSD mission-pack for ArmA2 updated
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falseprophet informed us he has released a new version of this mission pack for ArmA2 in the BI forums.

Quote falseprophet :
I worked in the last few months on a few campaign like missions. They are all build for 10 players, but you can manage to win most of them alone or with 1-2 other people.

The storyline:

Its after the war in chernarussia. US, Russian and the local CDF forces try to hold the unstable peace on the island.

Generally: The new missions (are all named a2rw_co10_pk..; first mission is number 1 and its ends with mission 91, 92..). The story is not complete.. more missions are just in building )
They are all without respawn, only squadrespawn is available... so play it as a team or well planed

Other new missions (also NO-Respawn Missions):
    - co10_SAF
    - co10_woods
    - Forced_Landing (not a brilliant one i know, but also funny)
    (following missions are "standalone" and have nothing to do with the "campaign" missions):
    - a2rw_co06_b.Chernarus.pbo
    - a2rw_co06_c.Chernarus.pbo
    - a2rw_co06_RUa.Chernarus.pbo

Written on 2009-10-09 23:24 by Big  

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