Improved Bullet Cam Script updated
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Big Dawg KS released an updated version of his Improved Bullet Cam Script on the BI forums.

Quote Big Dawg KS :
Here is an update to this script due to a few requests.

Changes from previous version (1.0):
    - Added following global variables:
    BDKS_BulletCamNoBlur, BDKS_BulletCamFOV, BDKS_BulletCamAccTime, BDKS_BulletCamNoParticleFX
    - Added BDKS_ShowBulletCamToPlayer unit variable
    - Added particle effect
    - Added ability to terminate bullet cam in flight with key for ironsights/optics
    - Added blackin/blackout effects for smoother transitions
    - By default, player only sees bullet cam when he fires
    - Added check to abort cam script if projectile not found
Untested in Multiplayer. MP behaviour unknown.
See comments in the script for more info how to use.

Written on 2009-07-13 15:43 by Armaholic  

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