SP mission : OPS Thrasher by Mr_Centipede

Mr_Centipede has released an experimental mission in the BI forums.

Quote Mr_Centipede :
Pardon the unimaginative name. The purpose of this mission is basically to test High Command module with secOps and to experiment with my idea of commanding a platoon in conventional ARMA way and High Command way.

You are the platoon commander of a 28 man platoon. By default you will have 28 man under you in regular/conventional ARMA way of commanding a group. At any time (eg in combat) you can split your platoon to 3 groups (squad) and you can command them in High Command fashion, using the radio (0-0-1). At any time also you can join them up together again using the same method. Please note I'm not a very skilled scripter, so if you take a look at the script, it probably quite messy/unoptimize to your eyes

This is a really simple mission with purpose of experimenting. No briefing, no map markers no objective. Just free roam a shoot bad guys.
ACM, civ module, animal module and civ vehicle module included.

Written on 2009-07-11 05:13 by Big  

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