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RKSL-Rock released a few work in progress screenshots of the Harrier GR7A/9/9A and the Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 on our forums and as a little extra he did sent us some more info and more screenshots which you can all find below.
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Quote RKSL-Rock :
RKSL Studios Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4
    The Eurofighter is a personal favourite of mine, having worked on the actual aircraft 10 years ago. The mesh is converted from an old stock model I made 3 years ago but recently its seen new life breathed into it. ArmA2's new multi weapon proxy support means that the varied loads usually carried on the aircraft are now possible. To exploit this we've begun refurbishing our old UK air weapons pack which includes every air launched weapon currently used by the RAF, Army and Navy. This will be a required addon for all our aircraft.
    We will be releasing both the F2 and FGR4 versions. I don't plan on making a T1 twin seat at anytime so don't expect one but we will be releasing various international skins at some stage with the appropriate weapons packs too.
RKSL Studios Harrier GR7A/9/9A
    Again an older model that's been ported to ArmA2 from ArmA1. I made the original model for OFP but due to work commitments and engine limits it never quite made it into public release. I've recently rebuilt the cockpit and underside for more detail and better poly flow. But it still site comfortably below 10k faces.
    Im not a huge fan of the BIS Harrier's VTOL mode so it currently uses the X-35's VTOL setup allowing you to hover and land easily on the LHD or Carrier's deck. As with the EuroFighter the Harrier will require the UK Airweapons pack.

    RE International versions. I have no plans for any other version of the Harriers at the moment since to do it accurately it would require remodelling various bits of the mesh and changing the UV layout to suit. But im not going to say I wont change my mind later if there is demand.

    Please remember all shots are early WIP and there are still some obvious errors and problems to fix. Apart form the stock BIS glass RVAMT there are no materials at all anywhere on the main meshes.

4-rksl_efa_fgr4_2.jpg 4-rksl_efa_fgr4_4.jpg 4-rksl_efa_fgr4_5.jpg 4-rksl_efa_fgr4_7.jpg 4-rksl_har_gr9_2.jpg 4-rksl_har_gr9_4.jpg 4-rksl_har_gr9_6.jpg 4-rksl_har_gr9_7.jpg

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4-rksl_efa_fgr4_1.jpg 4-rksl_efa_fgr4_2.jpg 4-rksl_efa_fgr4_3.jpg 4-rksl_efa_fgr4_4.jpg 4-rksl_efa_fgr4_5.jpg 4-rksl_efa_fgr4_6.jpg 4-rksl_efa_fgr4_7.jpg 4-rksl_har_gr9_1.jpg 4-rksl_har_gr9_2.jpg 4-rksl_har_gr9_3.jpg 4-rksl_har_gr9_4.jpg 4-rksl_har_gr9_5.jpg 4-rksl_har_gr9_6.jpg 4-rksl_har_gr9_7.jpg

Written on 2009-07-12 18:23 by RKSL-Rock  

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