Coop mission : Utes Raid by weasello

weasello has released a new mission in the BI forums.

Quote weasello :
Hey everyone!

This is my first mission - 5th (and hopefully final) revision. My squad (Phoenix Soldiers, PXS) has been helping me test it out for balance.

I recommend a team of talented and strategically-minded individuals for this one - it's TOUGH!

A quick rundown/explanation:
    - A simple extraction mission "goes bad" with an unfolding story
    - Lots of action for heli pilots, infantry, and vehicles
    - Approximate playtime 1 to 2 hours
    - Blackhawk can hoist vehicles
    - Huey can load ammo on the ship and unload it in the field (ammo supply loading is on the rear aircraft lift)
    - Middle aircraft lift is used for refuel and rearming
    - Weather starts off bad but clears up after 30 mins
    - Recommend no-AI and no-respawn, play on veteran mode for realism.

Written on 2009-07-12 19:34 by Big  

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