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Date: 2009-07-12 20:18

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Dungeon & Dragon

Two small USMC teams, codenamed DUNGEON and DRAGON are inserted on Utes to conduct a routine patrol. Dungeon & Dragon is a multiplayer mission for ArmA2 where players are presented with challenges that they do not only have to handle in game, but also encourages them to address them in a roleplaying fashion amongst themselves. Emphasis is on logistics, rather than action. Make sure your teams move in, execute their plan and extract at the correct time. Smokesignals and radio messages are not only important for the players' immersion. The AI will react to them as well.

Dungeon & Dragon is inteded to be the first part in a short MP campaign. The difficulty level of this first mission is quite low. It is also adapted for single play. Place it in Scenarios folderor MP Missions. Bear in mind though, that situations may arise in SP mode that the AI cannot handle equally well as a human player would.

* Custom sound and voice acting with a "Flashpoint Feeling"
* Dynamic briefing, developed in game
* Lots of eye candy for everyone who likes to wander outside of normal mission borders
* A bug or two that needs more attention

- Extract the pbo file(s) to your .\ArmA2\MPMissions (installation) folder.

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