SP mission pack by Victiln

Victiln has submitted a SP mission pack for ArmA2.

Quote Victiln :
It has been a slow weekend, and I managed to compose a mission pack filled with some shoot'em'up peewee action. Frustrated by multiplayer at times? Try some of these missions to get your hope up. There is no reason to fear "to realistic" gameplayer, you will be inserted into mid action at the mission start. Fight, shoot, fly, flee or think to complete the mission and be happy when it is done!

I had a great time making these missions and a whole lot of fun completing them afterward. They have been tested... some. but they are simple in nature so should not contain to many bugs. I doubt I have to update the pack, unless anything major is found. If people like it, I'll start making some more missions, funnier, better and a bit more detailed ;)

Written on 2009-07-12 20:46 by Big  

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