week report #87
Work in progress

* ArmA2 - Farm Wars

    TiGGa released video on BI forums showing the Farm Wars RTS.
    Quote TiGGa:
    You have seen the manual way of income generation in the 2nd video. Today, you will see the enhancement of it. First of all, a tractor, with which you can transport cows and crates swiftly. Secondly, a semi-automatic cow transport. The transport will be done by the AI but you still have to tell them their destination and when to pick up the cow. There will also be a full-automatic mode, where you just set some parameters (e.g. minimum selling price) and the AI will automatically find the appropriate destination.

    - BI forums

* ArmA 2 - British 4th Rifles Soldier

    STALKERGB posted some more screens on the BI showing a British soldier he is working on.
    Quote STALKERGB:
    Right as promised a couple pics of the work I have been doing, the marksman model in the pictures has the new shaders working (i think) and there are some missing textures (namely the NVG clip) but just wanted to give everyone an idea of where i am going with the units.

    I have started modelling PLCE but it wasn't really in a state to include in these pictures but the final models will include it.

    Hope everyone likes

    Oh and i haven't gotten rid of the Osprey Body Armour, it will just be on the desert units after some suggestions by a couple of people

    2661-britnew.jpg 2661-britnew2.jpg 2661-britnew3.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - F-16 reskin

    eddyD released screenshot on the BIS forums showing the F-16 reskin.

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - A-10

    Fortran released Screenshots on BI forums showing the A-10.
    Quote Fortran:
    Mini update: Fixed some texture problems, now using the new super shader. Fixed the proxies etc.

    8582-a10_flight.jpg 8582-a10_flight_camo.jpg

    - BI forums

* Army of the Czecho-Slovak Republic

    petrtlach posted some more screens on the BI showing quite a few weapons from his mod.
    2661-arma2009-07-0311-33-01-52.jpg 2661-arma2009-07-0514-31-00-79.jpg 2661-arma2009-07-0521-23-36-78.jpg 2661-arma2009-07-0521-24-06-01.jpg 2661-arma2009-07-0521-35-33-31.jpg

    - BI forums

* ArmA2 - FAFw

    FAFw team released some screenshots on the showing the FAFw mod.
    Quote FAFw team (Translated):
    FAFw (Forces Armées Française Workshop) is a mod for the game ArmA 2 by Bohemia Interactive.
    The development is provided by a fan of the first hour, and as volunteers.
    Our pleasure? Do speak our artistic, model materials and staff our passion, complete ArmA 2 to play the French troops.

    You can learn more in due course.

    PS: Thanks to the team of Operation Frenchpoint us the work she has done so far. We will ensure that it benefits the community.

    8582-20090702_faf_01.jpg 8582-20090702_faf_02.jpg 8582-20090702_faf_03.jpg 8582-20090702_faf_04.jpg 8582-20090702_faf_05.jpg 8582-20090702_faf_06.jpg 8582-20090702_faf_07.jpg 8582-20090702_faf_08.jpg 8582-20090703_faf_09.jpg 8582-20090703_faf_10.jpg

    - (in french)

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