WIP Report - Sentinel AH-1Z Pack
Work in progress
[SEN]Archangel released two new screenshots on our forums showing his Sentinel AH-1Z pack which he is porting over to ArmA II.

Quote [SEN]Archangel:
I'm currently in the process of porting over the Sentinel AH-1Z pack from Arma1 to Arma2, so far they're just reskins with new working rotorblur proxies but I'm hoping to be able to add the missile warning and countermeasure script to them in time for the beta release. I've left out the RACS one as it no longer fits into the Arma2 universe/AO - plus the lads from project RACS have made a much better one for you all to play with, this means that I'll probably be adding another brand new paint scheme for the Arma2 release - the only problem is that I can't decide on which camouflage scheme/colours to use.... Any suggestions??

2661-ah1s_1.jpg 2661-ah1s_2.jpg

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Sentinel AH-1Z Pack for ArmA2.

Written on 2009-07-13 11:25 by [SEN]Archangel  

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