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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 3.07

Short description: The wizard builds on the PVPScriptPack to make mission-making easier than ever before

Date: 2010-07-04 15:57

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The wizard builds on the PVPScriptPack to make mission-making easier than ever before

The PVP script pack is a framework of scripts that allow you to quickly and easily create missions. No knowledge of scripting or triggers is required and a map can be created just by adding a few markers in the ArmA2 editor and changing a line in an external text file. A basic PVP map can be created in just a few minutes using this pack.

The scriptpack was originally designed to support multi-player PVP (player vs player) games but can just as easily be used for SP (single-player) or CO-OP mission design since it provides many useful features such as minefields, vehicle-respawn zones, a spectator script, no-fly-zones and capturable objectives.

* Create fully-playable missions in minutes from a range of standard game-types or user-made templates.
* Edit configuration variables, markers and other aspects of the mission from the wizard.
* Work on existing mission folders or directly on pbo's.
* Uploads pbo's to your ArmA2 server
* Share your missions and templates with other users.
* Automatically downloads the latest version of the scripts and upgrades your missions.
* And much more....

Run the setup.exe file and it will connect to Internet and download the latest version of the wizard. Then just select install when asked and you will have the application running.

To uninstall just go to your control panel and from where u uninstall other programs uninstall the PVP wizard.

Temporary workaround to be able to use this tool!:
Alan123 posted a workaround on the Armaholic forums.
    Some good news: I found the remnants of an install of PVPmissionmaker on an old hard drive of mine. I have placed the files in a download
    The wizard only partially works however you can work around the problems to get a full result. Here are the necessary steps:
      1. Download file and unzip in ARMA2 folder.
      2. Inside the newly created PVPmissionWizard folder, copy the yellow folders and place them here: D:\Documents\PVPMissionWizard, leaving the PVPMissionWizard.exe behind.
      3. Double click on PVPMissionWizard.exe and the programme will start.
      4. Open an old mission or create a new mission in the ARMA editor and then open it in PVPMissionWizard. If you try to create a new mission in this recovered half baked version of PVPMissionWizard you cannot save it.
      5. Use the fantastic PVPMissionWizard tools to make/edit your mission.
      6. This is the important bit: save you mission as a pbo, no other save types work.
      7. To further work on your mission you can open the pbo with the Eliteness tool and then reopen it in PVPMissionWizard again but remembering always to save it as a pbo at the end, you can also work on your mission in the ARMA editor too.

    This is a work around solution to get this recovered version of PVPMissionWizard working at all. If one had the original install package and did a proper install none of the work around steps listed above would be necessary. Some one clever might be able to reverse engineer a proper install version of this great little programme. If you can go for it.
    Suggest that this file be mirrored etc until a full install copy can again be offered, if at all.
    I have tried to contact the author, SBSmac, to get a proper copy, of this fantastic programme he made, however he does not respond despite being very active elsewhere on this and other ARMA/BIS related websites. Strange but there it is.


The pack comes with an extensive manual that walks beginners through the process of creating missions and also includes a number of template and example missions.

A tutorial on creating templates using the wizard is available here:

Change log:
* Custom scripts can now be more easily added.
* Fix IFF tagging enemy players in MP
* Fix bug where paradrops didn't correctly choose a random destination
* Paradrops are now more usable as 'teleport zones' for DM and other missions.
* Players are automatically moved out of building models when landing by parachute

* Fixed a serious bug which stopped CTF scoring working after a player had returned a flag
* CTF_iff can now be used to provide identification of friendly forces.
* All game-modes with flags now provide a feature to automatically return or pickup the flag even if the default action does not appear.
* Demo video at
* CTF_allowBINO turns on/off binoculars
* DLG_RESPAWNLIMIT now uses text '#lives' to make it less confusing
* Flag markers now accept the 'flagheight' keyword


Credits & Thanks:
A very special thanks to KadinX, TomAnger and AceofSpades for their testing of this which helped me tremendously. Also the teams in who have been busy stressing the CTF scripts !

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- BI forums

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