WIP report - Finland at War 1939-1945
Work in progress
Von Rundstedt released video and screenshot on our forums showing the mines and the T-20 Komsomolets.

Quote Von Rundstedt:
Preview of featured mines in mod (still WIP). Mod includes 3 different type of mines, AT-mine (PSM36), AP-mine (Luhas trap) and pipemine. AT-mine requires vehicles track or wheel to go over the mine before it explodes. Only visible part of mine is small part of cap which makes spotting harder to player driven vehicle. To make mine easier to spot in this video it is marked with orange smoke. There isn't much need to comment about AP-mine, video shows pretty clear how it is and works. Pipemine tripwire lenght can be set by player since both sticks can be placed at will and their placement can be manipulated before arming the mine.

Also T-20 Komsomolets prime mover is model/texture-wise ready and in-game. Capable to tow AT-gun and artillery pieces (still to do) with weapon crew of 6 men. Original model by Wildo, redone by me.


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Written on 2009-07-14 08:45 by Von Rundstedt  

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