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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 2.1 Final

Date: 2009-12-07 16:40

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Hunt Waldo 2

You start as USMC from the Carrier at south coast of Chernarus, with your first objective to capture the main airfield.
Once the airfield is yours, the search starts for the oppositions leader, codename "Waldo", who hides somewhere in Chernarus. You can now check each house in each town on the map, or solve main missions to gather Intel about Waldo's whereabouts. There are 10 different main missions atm which are picked randomly by the server, taking place on random locations (high replayability).
There are also different side missions, which, solved, unlock special vehicles for your team, like A10, AH1Z, Abrams and so on.

Due to a single main mission your Death count is stored. Dependend on your Teams Deathrate after a mission is accomplished, your team earns money which can be used to construct usefull things as respawn points, static defences or covers.

Same as its predecessor each unit class comes with different skills and weapon pool.

Extract the .pbo file(s)to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Read the included .pdf file for all the info about the mission.

Change log:
v2.1 Final
- Fixed: Calling the bomber more than one time in the "lasertarget sidemission" does not work sometimes.
- Fixed: Convoy vehicles/units did not get deleted after the "stop convoy" mission, remainig at the convoy destination.
- Added: added mission parameter to adjust a time delay between main missions
- Added: added a stable and reliable Advanced Injury System (reference:
- Changed: dropped the intro music -> decreased missionfile size by half
- Changed: "defend base" sidemission succeeds now when player's side dominates the airfield after the 2nd wave spawned (instead of eliminating all of them)
- Changed: artillery delay decreased to 5 minutes (from 30 minutes)
- Changed: improved the heli-lifting
- Changed: Engineer role now has access to the M136 rocket launcher
- Changed: standard spawn now always airfield or carrier, respectively - in case someone closes spawn dialog unintended, and spawns at MASH
- Changed: in mission to find ammocrates decreased the number of ammocrates from 10 to 4
- Changed: deployed the 3 engineers into the squads
- Changed: Engineers can build assets like static defenses or covers also when close to a Blackhawk or Osprey helicopter (for Mashes, FOPS you still need a salvage truck)
Credits & Thanks
Also thanks to [FHW] derAlky from the downloadable archive contains an A.C.E.2 version of this mission, with the mod-specific equipment, US Army units and vehicles integrated.

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