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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

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Date: 2007-01-09 18:48

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Sahrani no-grass
Rahmadi no-grass


Put files saraNG.pbo & desertNG.pbo in Addons folder (...\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\AddOns).

Included files:

In these files you have islands: Sahrani and Rahmadi without grass and stones. I modified configs and noticed that game is about 10-15 fps smoother than before.
Pack was designed for low-end computers and SP fans.

How to start campaigns and SP missions on no-grass islands:
      a)Unpack file ca.pbo from folder "ArmA\Campaigns\". Do not forget about copying this file to safe place on your HDD!
      b)Change file destription.ext with this included in pack.
      c)Go to ca\Missions and change name of any folder by adding NG at the end. Example: 01Transport.SaraNG ; 02BeatenDog.SaraNG etc. (69 folders).
      d)Pack folder ca to .pbo

    2. Singleplayer missions
      a)Go to SP-missions folder (...ArmA\Missions\), create new folder and give name ex. NoGrass.
      b)Copy all PBO files from "Missions" folder and paste them to folder created by you.
      c)Then change names of these files by adding NG at the end ex. M03DriverTransport.SaraNG ; M02MinerConvoy.SaraNG

Now, in menu you should see your folder with missions for No-grass Sahrani (SaraNG). - Armed Assault Zone PL.

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