Coop mission : Hunt Waldo 2 updated

Bon has informed us he released a new version of this mission in the BI forums. This package contains an A.C.E.2 version of this mission, with the mod-specific equipment, US Army units and vehicles integrated

Changes in this version:
    - Fixed: Calling the bomber more than one time in the "lasertarget sidemission" does not work sometimes.
    - Fixed: Convoy vehicles/units did not get deleted after the "stop convoy" mission, remainig at the convoy destination.
    - Added: added mission parameter to adjust a time delay between main missions
    - Added: added a stable and reliable Advanced Injury System (reference:
    - Changed: dropped the intro music -> decreased missionfile size by half
    - Changed: "defend base" sidemission succeeds now when player's side dominates the airfield after the 2nd wave spawned (instead of eliminating all of them)
    - Changed: artillery delay decreased to 5 minutes (from 30 minutes)
    - Changed: improved the heli-lifting
    - Changed: Engineer role now has access to the M136 rocket launcher
    - Changed: standard spawn now always airfield or carrier, respectively - in case someone closes spawn dialog unintended, and spawns at MASH
    - Changed: in mission to find ammocrates decreased the number of ammocrates from 10 to 4
    - Changed: deployed the 3 engineers into the squads
    - Changed: Engineers can build assets like static defenses or covers also when close to a Blackhawk or Osprey helicopter (for Mashes, FOPS you still need a salvage truck)

Written on 2009-12-07 16:40 by Big  

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