Warfare gamemode : Warfare Proton Mods updated

Proton has informed us that he released a new version of this gamemode.

Changes in this version:
    + Increased overall AI skill to the highest.
    + Added an option to the communication menu to unflip selected vehicles.
    + Added an options dialog where it is possible to 1. set the view distance and terrain grid, 2. transfer money in a more convenient way, 3. compact and sort group member icons and 4. set the default vehicle lock/unlock.
    + Fixed bugs in the buy units menu hack.
    + Fixed: added arty server script timeouts to handle non-responding clients.
    + Fixed: destroyed AI teams are now re-added to high command properly.
    + Fixed: AI groups defending base will now leave their static defenses if base is too far.
    + Fixed: AI commander now moves its building location with the HQ, so it is possible to relocate the MHQ and give the command to the AI again.
    + Fixed: AI commander will not build in water anymore.
    + Fixed: Improved vehicle placement around factories.
    + Fixed: Mission works again on a shared client/server.

Written on 2009-08-12 17:35 by Big  

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