WIP report - Danish unit mod
Work in progress
Pyle_DK released screenshots on our forums showing the Danish unit mod.

Quote Pyle_DK:
I have started working on my very first mod ever, and have been at it for an week now.the battle plan is to have, most of the mordern danish forces in to the game, infantry amour and ect. I am verry new at this, but I think I can do it, with an litte help, I can make models and paint the textures myself, but I need help wit bumpmapping scripts and testing.
So I do really hope that someone, out there is willing to help

8582-ea1.jpg 8582-m08.jpg 8582-m113g3dk.jpg

You can post your feedback in the Danish unit mod topic.

Written on 2009-07-18 15:40 by Pyle_DK  

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