Coop mission : ACM High Commander v1.0

[F.S.F] Watt-DiX sent us his ACM High Commander v1.0 mission for ArmA2.

Quote [F.S.F] Watt-DiX :
For clans and teams which love challenges.
This is an updated release from the previous High Commander release.
ACM module additions for more realism and more additions to the 8th objectives and corrected some bugs.
Coop20 with targets for destruction and cleanup infiltration flying vehicle with a C_130 disposal officer OPFOR. In total 8 objectives are available to perform in any certain order more important than another.

Depending on the size you choose this goal or if you are alone and play with the AI's they revive you! (Squad Leaders of the AI's control).

Written on 2009-07-19 13:41 by [F.S.F] Watt-DiX  

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