Campaign : Back To Sahrani demo release

Zilinski has submitted the first 3 missions of a campaign he is working on for Beta test. Don't forget to leave feedback in our forums.

This time they are .pbo files instead of folders.

Quote Zilinski :
This demo campaign contains the first 3 missions of the infantry campaign. I'm releasing it to the public so you can give me feedback on what you like or don't like, and can provide me with bug reports.

This campaign was designed to achieve a nice mix between realism and fun, the very same philosophy ACE was created by. Each mission will have a detailed briefing and the note section will be a continuing diary written by the soldier the player plays as if played in single player, to give you an idea of what would be going through a persons head in this conflict. The missions will be building upon themselves, so you will take a town in one mission, and it will be reflected in the next.

Written on 2009-07-20 17:26 by Big  

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