Coop mission : Convoy Ambush updated

ahmedjbh has released a new version of this coop mission in the BI forums.

Now it doesn't need the VOP2.1 addon to be played.

Quote ahmedjbh :

I have made this public, not because it is good, but because I enjoyed making it and playing it, and maybe others will too. If you dont like it, you may give constructive criticism. I have tested it with friends and fine tuned it, and not found any bugs etc

It features the revive script by Norrin (infact I built it on his template file!)

This means when you die, you can either wait to be revived by a team mate or chose to respawn slightly behind the front lines.

In future I will use no mods when editing!

Written on 2009-07-21 05:20 by Big  

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