RTS - Farm Wars updated to beta 0.5

Schwab informed us he released version 0.5 beta of the RTS - Farm Wars mission on the BI forums.
RTS - Farm Wars was first a project by TiGGa but he moved on to RTS - Kingdoms and Schwab took over RTS - Farm Wars.

Changes in this version
    - Add swip Cam with PageUp/PageDown, Reset with "End"
    - Add Marker for building radius HQ/MHQ Turn On/Off with "F1" in the RTS Interface
    - Add Upgrade "Support" to increase work-distance of Support BMP, Mi17 and enable the Rearm Base
    - Change Startposition of Players to middle of map to avoid crashes in the mountain
    - Changed Import from Plane to Chopper to avoid dropping problems.
    - Fixed: Cow and Meat transport Bugs
    - Reduced UPS Patrols in towns
    - Moved AI Spawn locations to make easier pathfinding (better performance)
    - Startplane locked now
    - Modified cowbirth chance
    - Reduced Gamemodes
    - Adjusted dialogs
    - Removed formations (not working)
    - Enabled 1.04 parameters: Terraindetail, AI Number, Start Money, MHQ Price

Written on 2009-09-30 15:49 by Schwab  

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