WIP report - 31st Normandy mod
Work in progress

rip31st released some screenshots on our forums showing the bombs included in the mod.
He also informed that the mod is going to be ported for ArmA 2 after the couple issues are sorted out.

Quote rip31st:
Here are some pics from the revised Lancaster WIP.

-Several bomb Load outs added and I mean several HC4000+16xMC500, 4xMC1000+10xMC500, 12xMC1000, 1xHC8000, 1xHC12000, 1xMC12000, 1xMC22000. And the original released with the first edition of the aircraft.
-Proxies for the bombs added so they no longer appear to spawn from the center of the aircraft before they drop
-Some surface textures were corrected
-Animations fixed for the control surfaces and landing gear

8582-lancaster_8000lb.jpg 8582-lancaster_cookie.jpg 8582-lancaster_hc12000lb.jpg
8582-lancaster_tallboy.jpg 8582-lancaster_incendiaries_night.jpg 8582-lancaster_incendiaries_night2.jpg

You can post your feedback and view all new screenshots in the 31st Normandy mod topic.

Written on 2009-07-22 18:38 by rip31st  

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