Coop mission : Bloody Mondays by [TFC] Silence

[TFC] Silence has uploaded using our public FTP and released a new coop mission for ArmA2 in our forums.

Quote [TFC] Silence :
Gentlemen, as of 04:30 hours today, we are at war. Chedaki insurgents have just moved a small force onto Utes airfield, intentions are unclear making this a tactical nightmare for the politicians. If we wait to be informed through official channels of their intentions, they will have established a firm foot hold and staging post on Utes. Our mission brief is clear, we are to disrupt the defensive capabilities of the insurgents, giving our fast movers a chance if called upon to clear the zone. You will need to move fast, think fast and adapt, get in get out; only engage what you need to and come home safely. As always the US Military will deny all knowledge of your presence if captured. Good Luck gentlemen.

Written on 2009-07-23 15:46 by Big  

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