Coop mission : Assaut sur Skalisty by Acid [F.S.F]

[F.S.F] Watt-DiX submitted a new coop mission for ArmA2 made by Acid [F.S.F].

Quote Acid [F.S.F] :
The Russians have recently begun construction of a base on the island of Skalisty. In after our intelligence service the island is not fully secure, we will take this opportunity before all their defenses are operational.
This island is the key to maritime and air traffic, if they obtain them we would have great difficulty in supplying allied bases. A commando is already party to secure your arrival, once on the ground contact with the Team Delta it will give you your goals, Marines !

An air support team is awaiting orders from the head of a group FSF Airport desafecter to Nord_West our position on Chernarus. They are equipped for the rearmament of our troops in combat zone for evacuation and, why not! raids_aerien of air cover for our ground crew.

Written on 2009-07-26 17:10 by [F.S.F] Watt-DiX  

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