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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2009-07-27 16:31

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Longest Day
Ghost644 (Ghost)

Take back the enemy controlled towns

    1. Recruit AI up to 13 total units
    2. Vehicle Spawn with markers (deleted when vehicle is dead)
    3. Viewdistance adjustment
    4. Halo jump option
    5. Exstensive mission with numerous objectives
    6. Base respawn and you keep your loadout at death
    7. Vehicle resupply point (rearm,repair,refuel)
    8. AI units die when player dies (keeps them from taking command still wip)
    9. Body deletion script to keep the server running well
    10. Spawned vehicles delete after 30 secs
    11. Almost all objective town enemy units spawn when objective is activated
Just place into your \arma\mpmissions folder and have fun!

Known issues:
1. On player disconnect ai from players group are not deleted and follow player when player joins same unit slot again. No controll over units though.
2. Unlimited Vehicle spawns (need to limit players so there is not hundreds of vehicles)
3. Halo script works but does require user to open/close map to activate Halo and bring up gps to see where he is

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4. Vehicle resupply point does not fill the extra magazine slots for turrets

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