C&H gamemode : Battlefields by d3nn16

d3nn16 has released a new Capture & Hold mission in the BI forums.

Quote d3nn16 :

I will explain what this mission is with keywords :
    - PvP
    - 120 players (if more player slots needed just edit the map and add them, that's all)
    - no AI
    - realistic objectives
    - realistic ammunition usage (from smoke grenades to kamov missiles, all ammunition types have a cost)
    - realistic respawn (when you die you lose rank, role, commanding, recruiting, you are in the same situation as at mission start)
    - hold and attack
    - long distances (ambushing convoys possibility, increased value of transport helicopters and experienced pilots)
    - RPG like
    - cooperative playing
    - commander & recruiters
    - player roles for access to vehicle types
    - multiple ranks (promotion by commander) required to get vehicles
    - demobilization (commander's/recruiter's noob control system :-)
    - performance (2 triggers and 2 threads on server only)
    - fast JIP (map is under 200KB, no intensive use of setVehicleInit, just once at vehicle creation)
    - group naming (commander chooses names for groups instead of 1-1-A)
    - customizing friendly (it is very easy to : change starting positions, objectives positions, ammo/vehicle costs, timers for base positioning, base capturing etc)

Written on 2009-08-05 06:34 by Big  

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