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Requirements: Island Panthera (for that specific version)
Island(s): Island Panthera
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Version: 1.33

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Date: 2010-06-05 11:24

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Welcome to game of Crooks for ArmA 2, the role playing mission that is never the same no matter how many times you play it. Three sides will fight on East side of South Zagoria, at least two players are needed (Police Chief & Serial Killer) to play it, but game allows up to 26 players.

One player (CIV) is a serial killer dressed as a civilian and his only goal is to kill 10 prostitutes (marked on map) in towns and villages. Majority of players are Cops (WEST) lead by Police Chief (in a nice suit, btw) and they are located in Berezino HQ. Their goal is to find the serial killer. They need to patrol the towns and respond to calls that dispatcher from HQ makes. Dispatcher (played as AI) recieves tips from civilians (AI). Third side are two criminals (EAST) dressed as civilians. They two have various tasks planned and they can complete them in random order. Their only goal is to create chaos and to make Cops' job harder. For each completed task they recieve new better equipment at their home. Their home town is independent and protected by Russian Army (AI) and Cops are not allowed to enter that zone or Russians would kick their asses with much superior power.
For every dead prostitute Cops recieve better equipment, ranging from assault rifles to scout helicopters and armored vehicles.

AI takes care of other stuff around the map: Arms Dealers hate cops but they will usually give out weapons and ammo to criminals or killer. Army guards their storage depot. Police HQ in Berezino is also guarded by AI guards armed with MP5s and if they suffer casualties they will call Army for backup to help defend the HQ. In case of injury, person can be moved to one of three hospitals in the area, but suspicious persons (bullet wounds) are usually reported to police.

Serial Killer can arm with personal weapon of choice/equipment and then travel to one of three locations from where he will begin his quest. When he kills the last prostitute he wins. If cops mortally wound him in the chase or ambush he is transfered to Jail in Berezino. Police Chief then needs to visit Evidence Room from where he sends case to Judge. Judge then assembles Jury and they decide. Penalty for killing one or more people in South Zagoria is execution in front of a wall by firing squad (duty of Police). If the Jury finds the suspect guilty he is moved to the firing wall and Cops win the game after one minute passes. If serial killer didn't (yet) kill any prostitutes jury finds him not guilty and suspect gets released (transferred back home). Two criminals can merely observe the whole deal or help out killer in his quest. They can also work with police by capturing the killer and become heroes and repay for their sins from the past. What will you do? Who will outsmart who? Join the game of Crooks!

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

Special police unit will patrol the streets and be on a lookout for suspicious individuals. If new killings appear, more special equipment will be issues to them (rifles, transport vehicles). One cop is dressed as a civilian (undercover).
Cops must capture (kill) Psycho and leader selects execution by standing near table or they can let him go by opening prison doors. Psycho is then transfered to the firing squad wall and team has 60 seconds to execute him until the mission ends... or let him live.

He starts on a island with a handful of weapons to choose. Then he picks up 3 of places he fast travels to: His main target are 10 prostitutes (marked on map as green dots), but he wont linger to kill other unsuspecting civilians and even a cop when he feels threatened. If he kills all ten prostitutes he wins.

Two criminals have option to select weapon supplied by local arms dealer. They have several objectives to complete. They can even help out serial killer in his evil-doings. Their goal is make mission more interesting for cops and also psycho. Watch out for cops since they will be notified if you do something bad. And stay away from the Army, although they might have nice things stored in a Ammo Depot NW... or so I've heard...

Special Places / Spawns:
Police HQ
Spawn for Cops in Berezino with all the fancy equipment that gets unlocked when more and more prostitutes get killed. When first prostitute dies choppers will be authorized (UH-1Y, MI-8). When 5 or more prostitutes die police will get armored vehicles (7=BTR90, 8=BMP3).
Police also has repair and refuel vehicle, MTRV.
<guarded by AI cops>

Army Depot
There are couple of ammo depots spreaded around the map and are usually guarded by local Army that is only friendly to Cops and Civilians. Depot is guarded by AI Army soldiers.

Russian Town
Cops are forbidden to enter it and Russian peacekeepers are controlling this independent town. It serves as spawn for "Criminal Duo". Town is heavily guarded by Russian Army so we advise Cops to stay away from it. They can also protect psycho in case he seeks refuge there.
<guarded by AI russian soldiers>

There are three hospitals in Staroye, Polana and Solnichniy NW. Doctors will report to police if bullet wounds are found or even if person lurking around the hospital is suspicios.

Arms Dealers
There are three on the map and they just hate cops. They have couple of guys (AI) guarding their precious crates, but they hide their stuff so well when police is around.

Civilians are in 10 of them and are terrified of criminals and psycho wandering around them. Bus line connects villages and civilians usually drive around on a daily business, too.

Is located in Berezino. If psycho is mortally wounded he is put to Prison. Cops can then visit him and:
1. Set him free by opening prison doors (to let him go due to lack of evidence and continue the story).
2. Police Cheif recieves a suitcase near Dispatcher when suspect is in prison and evidence is collected automatically there. By touching suitcase he gives evidence to Judge. If suspect is found guilty he is transferred to Execution Wall. Police firing squad has then 60 seconds to execute him before mission ends. Or let him live...
Note: Criminals (OPFOR) can force open the prison doors, too!

Other stuff:
Tip: You might find a civilian hunter with a nice sniper rifle somewhere on the map. Explore

Please report bugs and requests to this official topic on Bohemia Interactive Forums. Thank you and enjoy Crooks v0.99, so we can finish up v1.00!

Change log:
- fixed all known bugs
- removed time selector since its not working for JIP players
- Panthera Edition only: new jail design, judge needs to review evidence in Bled when murderer is captured.

- fixed all known bugs
- still open issue: skiptime doesn't work properly on JIP

- policemen now have 3 clips and M9 Beretta at the start (but not after any respawns)
- arms dealers and Russian guards don't open fire on serial killer anymore
- serial killer will be considered enemy to AI if he approaches army base in Gorka/Berezino or police station

- ammo dealers now give proper weapons/ammo to criminals and sometimes even a serial killer - they will fire on him if he doesn't have a "psycho" look (a.k.a. killed 2-3 civilians already)
- if army depot is empty (all soldiers neutralized) crate gets unlocked with very fancy military assault weapons now
- police recieves more useful equipment with every reinforcement cycle in their Police Station crates

- Police Chief in now in group control of other 22 Cops, Cops can now be used as AIs, too.
- Police Chief can recieve an Arrest Warrant for Criminals (EAST). Arrest Warrant is available in the Courthouse in Berezino when only 3 or less prostitutes remain alive in the current game
- if one criminal is arrested other can help him escape from the jail by hacking the doors (standing few seconds in front of them). Criminals can also help serial killer escape and police player/s can also free the criminal with the same procedure by opening jail doors.
- criminal who enters the Jail is always automatically stripped of any weapons or magazine he's carrying
- police: chopper is available after 3 prostitute murders, machinegun jeeps after 5 and armor (BTR & BRDMs) after 7 kills.

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- Island Panthera (for Panthera version)

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